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Post by Audrey » Fri Apr 16, 2004 12:25 am

This board is for the general public to post fan art of Wolf, it is NOT a critique forum for all art. You may ask for crits on your fanart. Other art critiques may be posted on general forum in MODERATION. That means once in a while, if you need real help. Do not post there all the time, more than 3 times a month is too much.

The art posted on this forum is NOT official Wolf art. It is not part of the film and does not represent the work, style, or story of anything created by the contracted staff.

Modified on 5/31/07 by Uzuri to trim the number of stickied topics in this forum:

Here's an additional little tidbit that applies to images posted here, quoted from a post made a while ago by Joshua:

Okay, to be short and sweet about it there's a lot of great art being displayed in these forums, but most of it is just too damn big. Not only can a person not enjoy the totality of the work on a standard monitor set at 1024x768, but it also provides a bit of a nightmare for those out there that browse these forums and only have dial-up 'net access.

I kindly ask all of you fan artists out there to please remember that you're scanning in for "publishing" on the web and not for print, so that means you shouldn't have to go above 75dpi for the resolution of the scanned image. I realize that most scanner software nowadays has been dumbed down to the point where it will hide the ability to change such settings by default. I encourage you all to learn how to uncover these "advanced" settings for your scanner. You'll be glad you did! grin

However, even at such low settings pictures still might be a tad too large so a bit of post-scanning image scaling might be in order. A good rule of thumb is that if a person has to scroll either vertically or horizontally, you didn't make it small enough. Nowadays I think you'll be able to ignore people who run at 640x480, but 800x600 is still widely used, so try to keep your dimensions below this size.

With all of you fan artists following this set of guidelines, these forums will be a much more pleasant place to browse through, no matter what resolution your monitor is set at, or the speed of your internet connection. Thanks!
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