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Old Topics - Read BEFORE posting

Post by Audrey » Mon Jan 24, 2005 1:43 pm

Regarding old topics:

Please check the dates on a thread before you hit reply. If the thread is over one month old, think before you reply. Old threads should only be brought open again if you have some NEW and RELEVENT informantion to add. Things that do not count as new or relevent:

-"I like it!" or other such comments
-One/two word replies
-if the topic is old and regarding charcter design or the making of the film. (Chances are we've already made a decsion on it, so whatever infomation you have is rather pointless. You may send a PM to Audrey with your idea if you feel really strongly about it)
-Old fan art topics - After a certain amount of time, artists have usually moved on probably won't fix old art anyway. If you want, send them a PM about it.

When it is okay to open an old topic:

-You have new information to share about the topic, not just reiterating what was already said AND it's still a topic that can be changed by adding your information/opinion.

So again, check the dates before replying!
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