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Random Wolf Info

Posted: Wed Aug 13, 2003 3:07 pm
by EitherStorm
This information included below is the information I am hoping to put on a webpage. Speaking of webpages, I need to speak to you Audrey.

The Grey Wolf (canis-lupus) is not always gray in color. They may be black, white, gray, tan, red, or a mixture of all colors. These wolves range at 2-2.5 feet high and vary in length. The length of an adult grey wolf ranges between 4-5 feet long. Males can way up to ninety pounds while females generally weigh only around eighty pounds. They can run up to 35 miles per hour and jump over 12 feet.

Grey wolves live in packs with up to 35 members. The leader of the pack is known as the Alpha. The Alpha leads the hunts, makes the desicions, chooses where to whelp in the summer, and chooses their mate. They also are the first to eat. Any wolf of the pack that decides to eat before them is punished, mildly or roughly, depending on the attitude of the Alpha.

Grey wolves mate for life and it's usually on the the Alpha pair that breeds. The range of the wolf depends on when they breed. Packs as far north as Alaska breed in January and whelp nine weeks later, in March. Further south, in Michigan, they breed in March and whelp nine weeks later, in May. They usually whelp around 2-14 cubs, but it has been known for 18 cubs to be born by a single mother, all at once. The cubs, like dogs, are born blind. By the time they are 3-5 months, they can travel with the pack. As the cubs grow, they establish their own "puppy pack", where as the cubs decide which of the other cubs is dominate or not. They will play and run this way till they are close to a year old. By the time they are a full year, some of the cubs will have left the pack. Wolves seek out new packs so that inbreeding is avoided.

Because it is against the rules for any wolf to enter another wolf's territory, they stay in an area that we will call the "No Wolf Zone". This area is a span of about 100 yards where packs won't go until absoblutely necessary. Wolves who have left a pack, or perhaps even long lived lone wolves, stay in this area untill another pack invites them into the territory. This is done by tail wags, whimpers, or just by looking in the direction of the lone wolf with interest. Once accepted into a new pack, all the wolves will rub on each other to mingle scents. This way the whole pack shares the same scent and can reconize eachother easily.

Sometimes wolf packs will invadeo one another's territory. When this happens there is usually a fight between Alphas. The fights are hardly ever serious. They start out seeing who is the biggest Alpha. If they are equal or neither one will give up, they may fight with their fangs. If this happens, the first one on his back is the looser and the other wolf must give up part of the territory or return to his own. Wolves may chase eachother and wrestle as dogs do, but the only time they use their fangs are when extremely angry, hunting, or rabid.

In the past wolves were shot because they hunted our live stock or for their pelts. In the 1960's this seemed to come to an end, mostly. Because of the poaching, the wolf population was only around 1,000 wolves in Alaska and Canada alone. None remained in the Continental United States. Recently though, wolves have been released in the Yellow Stone National Park and in some areas in Michigan, Kentucky, and North Carolina. These wolves have done well, bred, and prospered in these areas. I hope that we will see Canis Lupus return to it's natural stat, unhunted and unharmed. These wolves are highly important for the balance of our ecosystems.

Remember...not everything is what it seems in the world. Don't judge something before you know the truth.

I hope this information can prove a point to all wolf haters. Wolves are our brothers, body, soul, and mind. :)

Posted: Sat Nov 01, 2003 3:44 am
by Grey-Wolf
Wow I thought I was the biggest fan of the Wolf. You truly do know your stuff man. Where do you get yor information from?

Posted: Sat Nov 01, 2003 4:44 am
by Desdemona
There is no biggest fan of Wolf ^.^ Heh, Eiher should know alot about awolves; she had a wolf pack really close to her! I loved hearing about them... but you'd have to ask her about them, as they're gone now... Nice compiling of info BTW Either ^.^

Posted: Sun Nov 02, 2003 12:32 am
by Audrey
Good info. You know how to get ahold of me Either. :)